Market Your Clinical Brand

CLINDEVOR 360 provides a full range of strategic support for Marketing Your Clinical Brand. With tailored solutions for brands or portfolios that are in active development, pre-launch, launch mode, or maturing in the market ,C360 can meet client’s specific needs and assist in all aspects of the strategic process.

We focus on maximizing client value through customization of the evidence-based process & incorporating critical planning tools that can significantly impact a products potential.

Read More Realistic Clinical Profile

Objective and comprehensive tools to truly define the scope of market opportunity and a brands potential through Realistic Clinical Brand Profiling

Read More Product Positioning

To maximize brand potential using vetted clinically relevant differentiated product strengths and optimized target audience reach

Read More Product Launch Planning

Working with your team (leading, facilitating or participating) to develop complete launch planning or iterating your marketing plans for the next annual cycle

Read More Cross Disciplinary Engagement

Working with marketing, sales, medical, clinical development and others to ensure a complete planning process with engagement, commitment, and uniform understanding of internal stakeholders

Read More Commercial Advisory Boards

Leading, organizing and facilitating qualitative advisory sessions with target clinical audiences in order to gain key input, confirm direction, acid-test market approaches and more

Read MoreLife-Cycle Planning

In order to engage resources and ensure opportunities can be met over time, 3 to 5-year long term plans should integrate an understanding of how markets and competitive products evolve

Read MoreBranded Message Development

To maximize brand potential and market adoption using optimal and consistent messaging with synchronized and uniform communications

Read MoreAnnual Brand Planning

A well vetted plan assesses changes with market dynamics & competitive strategies to identify
opportunities for maximizing brand performance