Clinical Marketing Mentorships & Presentations

CEO Scott Mader has 25 years marketing pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. He has successfully steered clinical brands, product portfolios and marketing teams in a wealth of clinical categories. Clients have successfully leveraged his record of consistent success through formal presentations, workshops or active mentoring of marketing and sales executives and teams.

Some of the efficiencies that exist for presentations include:

  • “The Clinical Market Development Pathway of Blockbuster Pharmaceutical Brands”
  • “Changing the Value Proposition of Clinical Biomarkers & Diagnostic Testing, The BNP Story”
  • “Evidence-Based Marketing; The Principles of Objective Analysis and Strategic Marketing Process”
  • “The Clinical Selling Model; Driving Consistency in Message While Empowering Local & Regional Customization”
  • “Evolving the Commercial Business Model, Sales and Marketing Disciplines and How to Optimize Synergy”
  • “Life Cycle Management of Clinical Brands, Maximizing Brand Value in an Evolving Marketplace”

Presentations, forums, workshops or mentorships can be customized to your specific needs. Contact us to find out how CLINDEVOR clinical marketing professionals can create added value to you and your team.