Discrete Clinical Marketing Services

Discrete Strategic Planning & Clinical Marketing Services

Leveraging proprietary evidence-based planning processes customized for clinical brands, CLINDEVOR 360 provides a suite of strategic marketing products & services that ensure your brand is positioned for success in every phase of brand maturity

  • Product Launch Plan: Your launch plan sets the trajectory for the entire life of the brand. It is the single most important aspect of brand management. Developing this plan must be an objective assessment of the target audience, competition and the brand profile. Initiating with product positioning and graduating with a fully vetted tactical plan is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Having outside expertise at your side to ensure all aspects of the market are vetted and that conclusions are objectified by data is a strategic imperative. CLINDEVOR 360 provides consulting expertise that ensures your plan is developed and implemented well.
  • Product Portfolio Plan: Do you have line extensions in a common category? Do you have therapeutic and diagnostic products that should be complementary? Do you have products that operate in entirely different clinical categories? Do you have multiple plans operating in various phases of maturity? Identifying the most effective vehicle for optimizing synergies, mitigating cross-brand intrusion, and dealing with corporate resource inefficiency due to imperfect portfolios are some of the biggest marketing challenges many organizations face. CLINDEVOR 360 brings expertise & processes to fully assess product portfolios as a whole and provide optimized strategic solutions. This process is typically conducted in alignment with annual product planning.
  • Product Positioning: Positioning statements are used to drive the ideal perception of your brand in the mind of your customer. This is not a statement that occurs in promotional messaging, it is not bound to your brands labelling and it is not in any commercial statements. The product positioning statement is ideal long-term definition to which your clinical brand aspires. In order for products to achieve their intended and desired positioning with target audiences the brand must have launch campaigns that are properly focused and evolve as the brand matures. Proper positioning is the strategic anchor of strategic brand management. The clinical development plan, life-cycle plan and annualized brand plan must all have a common understanding of product positioning in order to ensure successful evolution of the brand over time. CLINDEVOR 360 recognizes the importance of this and works with clients to develop optimized foundational (launch) and aspirational (long term) positioning that has internal cross-functional alignment.
  • Branded / Non-Branded Message Development: If you polled your head of marketing, your sales executives, your customer service representative and your medical/clinical service manager, would they all recite the same 6 message points associated with your brand? Would the message be done in the same sequence? This is often not the case. More importantly, is the message for your brand optimized so that it resonates with your target audience consistently and optimally? Consistency of message is one of the cornerstones of brand marketing and market adoption of blockbuster brands. Developing initial message points should be accountable to product labelling, product positioning, product market strategy and market segmentation strategy. Your message should ideally be developed iteratively with target audience and in conjunction with true competitive messages. The process for developing optimized brand messaging with synchronized and uniform adoption by all those that communicate it, is one that CLINDEVOR 360 has successfully facilitated with scores of clinical products in dozens of clinical categories.
  • Annual Brand Plan: For most companies, Strategic Brand Planning is an annual process.  For those who operate on a calendar year, The Annual Brand Planning process begins in mid-second quarter (May) and completes itself at the end of the 3rd quarter (September).  Mature companies often have very specific time-gated deliverables throughout this process, while young start-up organizations may have a much less formalized approach.  Irrespective of the size or maturity of the organization there is a recognition that over the last year many variables have changed and need to be reassessed in the context of brand strategy, brand investment, and brand expectation for the coming year.  CLINDEVOR 360 has developed an expertise in this process allowing your marketing organization to continue to focus on driving this year’s plan in order to exceed forecast while knowing that the critical steps for next year’s planning are well underway.  From assessment of the current plan to the identification of dynamic changes in market and competition to the development of final strategies and tactical initiatives, CLINDEVOR 360 ensures you have a reliable and trusted resource by your side.  At each key threshold we have the essential capabilities to produce analysis, facilitate multidisciplinary workshops and identify directional refinements or changes that reflect the best opportunity in the coming year.  At the end of your planning period you will have a plan that is vetted, evidence-based and inclusive of your stake-holder perspectives.
  • Competitive Pressure Testing: Competitive Pressure Testing, also called War Gaming, is intended to provide a neutral approach to discuss and challenge a company’s strategies and perceptions. Every company will have a few blind spots and Competitive Pressure Testing will help them to discover these for themselves. This increases greater ownership and accountability for dealing with these blind spots and helps to build better team support as a result of the self-discovery process. It is an interactive, vocal, and fact-based workshop format, that combines internal company expertise with formal external intelligence, to help clients understand the competitive market dynamics with the goal of “pressure-testing” your plan.
  • Clinical Advocacy Plan: Clinical advocacy is often considered more obligation than opportunity. Advocacy engagement is routinely minimized as return on investment is more difficult to control and track. Yet when methodology is applied to examine the full scope of opportunity in any clinical category, strategic alignment and initiatives can produce powerful results. CLINDEVOR 360 has long-standing expertise and methodology to identify, engage and direct partnership initiatives that are clinically, ethically and strategically aligned. The process ensures productive initiatives for near term and long term value.
  • Clinical Development Planning: The responsibility for Clinical Development is appropriately in the purview of Medical and Clinical Affairs.  However, the Clinical Development Planning process requires a multidisciplinary approach to ensure objectives are reflective of overall corporate strategy and that optimal results are achieved. C360 has long standing expertise with integrating teams to develop clinical development plans that incorporate and align the scientific rationale, the commercial rationale, and the clinical trial plan that should be conducted to generate the information necessary to support the label claims. The ultimate goal is to have a unified plan that cohesively supports achieving your products optimal clinical value. C360 achieves this with evidence based processes to develop a Realistic Clinical Profile and through cross-disciplinary management. By integrating with your team in its planning process C360 ensures clinical plans that are vetted for commercial value.
  • Life-Cycle Plan: Annual planning is operationalized routinely within the commercial organization in most companies.  However, plans that examine the 5-10-year horizon of clinical brands and markets are conducted with much less routine and are often developed with inadequate focus using soft assumptions. This is typically a reflection of limited resources, time, or data. As a result, sound examination of longer term market, environment, and product factors are sacrificed in lieu of focusing on today’s product performance. Clients routinely leveraging C360 for our clinical market focus and strategic planning proficiency so they do not have to compromise developing long term plans in order to focus on their short-term goals. C360 has expertise and methodology to effectively and efficiently work alongside your team to deliver sound life cycle plans to ensure long term success of your brand.
  • GAP Analysis: Market data, key assumptions, and market barriers are critical factors for brand adoption. Ensuring these factors are thoroughly scrutinized with objectivity can be challenging to perform internally without bias. This is where external strategic marketing expertise can particularly be an extremely valuable resource for companies. C360 offers a comprehensive process for examining both clinical product plans and vital market factors to ensure sound strategic planning.  The C360 Gap Analysis brings insightful and objective examination plans that drives product launch, annual brand, life-cycle, and clinical development plans. The results ensure that critical market barriers have been identified, market opportunities are leveraged and the internal assumptions driving strategy are fully vetted. C360’s Gap Analysis can be developed as the foundation of a comprehensive planning process or conducted as a stand-alone project.