Evidence-Based Marketing

The concept of evidence-based decision making is not exclusive to marketing. Rather, it is a commonly held belief across disciplines that the best decision making is objectified by leveraging factual information and the most sound data available as a baseline for developing conclusions. In the practice of contemporary medicine the evidence-based process is used to drive consensus and guidance on the assessment, treatment and management of disease.

Like medicine, marketing is both art and science. And in the marketing of ethical pharmaceuticals and clinically applied products the need to leverage evidence is even more important. Decisions at the strategic level must be very mindful of the realistic profile of clinical products. This process ensures effective market development, brand positioning, product launch, clinical planning, messaging etc. for optimal impact with your target audience.

CLINDEVOR 360 has refined the evidence-based process over decades and across a broad range of therapeutic categories. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion about how CLINDEVOR 360 can help you drive your strategic planning process in an evidence-based framework.