Client Testimonials

“We have been pleased utilizing CLINDEVOR 360 services for classic consultative deliverables including life-cycle and annual planning work. I have also had occasion to bring in Scott Mader into our already active planning processes in order to get a fresh perspective from a trusted colleague. Scott’s ability to synthesize market dynamics and characterize product opportunities has yielded insight and has often brought new elements into our commercial process. I would recommend Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 Consulting to any company needing to clinically differentiate their brand in order to penetrate existing markets or expand into new markets.”

Scott Garrett
Vice President of Marketing
CV Therapeutics

“I have had the good fortune of working with Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 over the past several years. The data-driven, evidence-based approach to strategic brand planning has been a critical component to the success of our brand in a very competitive marketplace.
With so many variables to consider for market planning, CLINDEVOR’s approach allows for key decisions to be anchored with objectivity vs. “subjective feel”. I highly recommend CLINDEVOR 360 as a strategic partner in brand planning and evidence-based marketing.”

Tom Solomon
Sr. Product Director
Amylin Pharmaceuticals

“As head of marketing for a launch product with limited differentiating promotional data in a newly commercial company, I had the opportunity – and challenge – to establish post-launch annual Brand and Life-Cycle planning processes.
Clindevor360 came alongside, and in an accelerated fashion, built trust with key stakeholders by articulating a clear, easy to understand, and powerful evidence-based methodology. Constant front-line engagement and behind-the-scenes detail work by the principals ensured reliable work product for me, as the leader of the effort, and a consistent experience for a broad array of cross-functional participants.
Clindevor360 helped Marketing to challenge and break down deeply held preconceived – and limiting – perspectives of the brand, to build renewed vigor around the brand’s short and long term possibilities, and to instill confidence and ownership in a robust life cycle plan.”

Steve Daly
Vice President Marketing
Affymax Therapeutics

“I have known Scott Mader professionally for over a decade and am comfortable saying his mastery of ‘Demand-Marketing’ is the best I’ve known. His tireless work ethic coupled with unique marketing experience has been of tremendous value as we have launched our point of care technology commercially. He has a keen sense of how to develop product positioning, strategy and messaging. While utilizing his process he also engages our team so that the final plan is customized for our portfolio. Our team has improved their marketing skills in the process. In fact, the services have provided a virtual mentorship in strategic marketing for our younger marketing team. I would recommend CLINDEVOR 360 services to any company who recognizes that the answers are not all “in-house”.

Dee Gordon
Executive Marketing Director
Biosite Inc.

“I met Scott when he was launching an obscure biomarker called “B-type Natriuretic Peptide” also known as “BNP”. Three years later “BNP” testing was a standard of care for heart failure diagnosis and management. When he opened his doors at CLINDEVOR 360, we had the opportunity to bring Scott into our company as a strategic consultant. His insightful methods of examining our clinical market space and assisting by profiling our products potential allowed us to reassess how to best validate and promote our brand’s potential. His methods and expertise have had an enduring impact on our commercial progress. I would recommend Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 to any organization aspiring to maximize their products clinical potential.”

Rhonda F. Rhyne
President, CEO, Board Director
Prevencio, Inc.

“I have known Scott for almost twenty years as a both an industry colleague and as a customer and can tell you that he is truly a master at all aspects of clinical market development. Whether you are trying to strengthen your current products, planning a new product launch, or assessing new market opportunities, I have no doubt that Clindevor’s processes and Scott’s insights will help you make great decisions about your business and deliver a strong ROI.”

Paul Jansen
Executive Vice President
Business Development

“At HealthLogix excellence in client services and deliverables is the priority. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working alongside Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 business consulting. The “client first” mission we share with Scott and C360 e has allowed us to collaborate on projects ranging from strategic marketing plans to advisory boards seamlessly. The philosophy, clinical expertise and evidence-based process Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR leverage has allowed us to synchronize our efforts on behalf of many clients over the years.”

Brian Budisak
President & CEO
HealthLogix, Inc.

“We have worked with Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360, Inc. over the course of 10 years at two of the biotechnology companies I have co-founded. His ability to engage on a number of levels, from strategic commercial planning to scientific advisory facilitation to clinical development planning and implementation make him a versatile and valued member of our management process. I would recommend the services of Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 to any company who aspires to develop clinical products that resonate with their target markets”.

Andreas Bergmann, PhD
CEO and Founder
Sphingotec GmbH
CSO and Founder
BRAHMS Diagnostica GmbH

“Heading commercial activities for a young biotechnology company with products in various stages of development is challenging work. There are limited resources yet an inexhaustible slew of strategic projects underway. Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 have been a valuable consultative partner as we move our products to market. Scott understands our priorities and offers strategic insight and support. He understands our products and has assisted us in developing their optimal position and supports our efforts to align with clinical market need. I would recommend their services to any company who needs mature insight in clinical marketing and commercial operations”.

Ute Kilger, PhD, Esq.
Chief Marketing Officer
Sphingotec, GmbH

“Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 provide strong value with both content expertise and facilitation for market strategy and clinical development strategy. In my first start-up company where a multi-site clinical trial was one of the largest and most critical investments, Scott’s consulting ensured we had the right target focus, the right partners and the right execution plan so our results came in on time and on budget. In another company that was acquired by a larger company, Scott provided an educational approach that brought together many stakeholders to focus on market-centered approaches. Scott is highly effective in working with organizations of all sizes and the results have provided a very positive return on investment.”

Patti White
Hemex Health, Inc.

“The consulting services provided by Scott Mader and the Clindevor 360 team emphasized a partnering approach to help the company refine and optimize its cardiovascular biomarker product development, positioning, and adoption strategies. This partnership used a network of peer-to-peer, multi-stakeholder interactions to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses to intersect potential clinical needs with the company’s goals and timelines. Such analyses enabled alignment among the clinical, commercial and corporate objectives, and yielded a novel clinical strategy that prioritized a precise target product profile to enhance the company’s leadership in cardiovascular diagnostics. Clindevor 360’s domain experience was not only instrumental in clinical development and medical affairs planning, but also valuable in supporting expansion of the company’s marketing and sales efforts.”

Ken Fang, MD
Chief Medical Officer