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Develop Your Clinical Market

Market Your Clinical Brand

Founded in 2003, C360is a unique consultancy providing evidence-based strategic marketing and business planning services. We specializes in Developing Clinical Markets & Marketing Clinical Brands for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies.

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At CLINDEVOR 360, Inc we bring world class strategic planning and clinical development to our pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic and biotechnology clients. Since 2003 the evidence-based deliverables that we have provided to clients has shaped block-buster product launches, market conditioning for novel applications, renewed vigor for mature products and have broadened the impact of product portfolio’s and therapeutic franchises.

Clindevor 360 has worked with young, innovative startups, fortune 50 pharmaceutical corporations, and all size clients in between. Our exclusive focus in clinical marketing coupled with extensive experience provides specialized expertise for clinically applied products & services.

About Us

CLINDEVOR 360 Inc. Management Team

Scott Mader, president and CEO brings decades of experience with strategic business planning and marketing across scores of therapeutic areas. His expertise results from a career as a leading commercial manager within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This extensive first hand experience of “being in the client’s shoes” provides Clindevor 360 with insight and understanding of the client’s perspective. This client-side backdrop allows for immediate insight and strategic resonance that are reflected in CLINDEVOR 360 deliverables.

Scott Mader - President & CEO

What We Do

Develop Your Clinical Market

Strategies for developing, expanding, and conditioning markets integrate 3 critical components to maximize a brand’s potential; developing a focused clinical plan, establishing credible clinical need, and accelerating awareness. C360’s approach to developing clinical markets incorporates a strong focus on engaging key opinion leaders and building relationships with the medical community.

Strategic Business Planning &
Clinical Marketing

CLINDEVOR 360, Inc. is a unique strategic marketing consultancy that focuses on “evidence-based” marketing principles. For clients that require clinical differentiation, C360 provides a suite of strategic marketing products & services that ensure your brand is positioned for success in every phase of brand maturity.

Market Your Clinical Brand

CLINDEVOR 360 provides a full range of strategic support for Marketing Your Clinical Brand. With tailored solutions for brands or portfolios that are in active development, pre-launch, launch mode, or maturing in the market ,C360 can meet client’s specific needs and assist in all aspects of the strategic process. We focus on maximizing client value through customization of the evidence-based process & incorporating critical planning tools that can significantly impact a products potential.

Realistic Clinical Profile®

The Realistic Clinical Profile® (RCP) is an analytical tool that forms anchoring variables to be used for many of the strategic deliverables at CLINDEVOR 360. Developed with proprietary processes derived from 30+ years dedicated to applying strategic marketing principles to clinically applied product commercialization, the RCP leverages evidence-based processes and applies it to brand and market analysis.

Opinions From Opinion Leaders


“Clindevor has a unique way of interacting with both sponsors and opinion leaders that gets to the bottom line and articulates a coordinated action plan. They probe the questions, clarify the answers, and provide clear pathways and directions, turning problems into solutions. They are a pleasure to interact with.”
Jay S. Skyler, MD, MACP


“Planning, managing, and ensuring a rigorous academic portfolio (i.e. publications stream) and a development path that has both direction and relevance to a clinical mission requires a fully engaged Scientific Advisory Board. Few in the business understand this, or can make it happen better.”
Robert L. Jesse, MD PhD


"Scott Mader represents one of the most innovative minds in pharmaceutical marketing. He respects the clinician and understands the investigator. He has a keen understanding of the importance of sound data, balanced messaging and effective networking.”
Clyde W. Yancy, MD, MSc. FACC, FAHA, MACP


“CLINDEVOR 360, Inc. has been one of the finest strategic consulting groups in clinical medicine. For companies that want to introduce novel products and technologies into clinical markets, this is the consulting group you need on your side.”
Alan Maisel, MD

Client Testimonials

“We have worked with Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360, Inc. over the course of 10 years at two of the biotechnology companies I have co-founded. His ability to engage on a number of levels, from strategic commercial planning to scientific advisory facilitation to clinical development planning and implementation make him a versatile and valued member of our management process. I would recommend the services of Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 to any company who aspires to develop clinical products that resonate with their target markets”.

Andreas Bergmann, PhD CEO and Founder, Sphingotec GmbH Previous: CSO and Founder, BRAHMS Diagnostica GmbH

“Scott Mader and CLINDEVOR 360 provide strong value with both content expertise and facilitation for market strategy and clinical development strategy. In my first start-up company where a multi-site clinical trial was one of the largest and most critical investments, Scott’s consulting ensured we had the right target focus, the right partners and the right execution plan so our results came in on time and on budget. In another company that was acquired by a larger company, Scott provided an educational approach that brought together many stakeholders to focus on market-centered approaches. Scott is highly effective in working with organizations of all sizes and the results have provided a very positive return on investment.”

Patti White CEO, Hemex Health, Inc.