Interview with CEO

Interview with Scott W. Mader
President & CEO of CLINDEVOR 360, Inc.

What makes CLINDEVOR 360, Inc. different from other strategic consulting options available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients?

“There certainly is a great deal we have in common with other consulting groups but we do have some very significant assets that favorably differentiate C360 in the clinical products category. The first differentiator is our philosophical approach to strategic consulting. Many consulting groups would say they are client-centric. At CLINDEVOR 360 we are “client-empathetic” by design. When I first began utilizing outside expertise at Squibb Corporation back in the 1980’s I found that the consultants who were most effective were those who knew the healthcare industry well and had operated in strategic commercial roles within the pharmaceutical / device industry. Strategic business planning principles can transcend industries, but a business strategist who understands the clinical, technical, pathophysiological, regulatory and economic aspects of the healthcare market is already “ahead of the curve” and can bring value to the process on day one. All consultants that support our clients at CLINDEVOR 360 are groomed as experts in clinical products, and can examine opportunities from device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and service orientations.

Additionally, CLINDEVOR 360 has a time-tested and evidence-based strategic planning methodology. Profiling market, product and competition forms the anchor to optimal commercial strategy. We have executed our Realistic Clinical Profile methodology in dozens of clinical categories for scores of brands over years. This process and deliverable has been a fundamental strategic element for blockbuster pharmaceutical brands and gold standard diagnostic brands alike since we began. We bring this capability to our clients and deliver results that have a commercially positive impact on their organizations.

Finally, C360 has a clear record of success in strategic clinical consulting. It is a privilege to have worked on some of the most successful brands in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and biotechnology. Organizations recognize that past performance is one of the best predictors of future success. We are determined to bring experience and value to our work and ultimately to our clients.”

CLINDEVOR 360 has become known for its commitment to “evidenced-based principles”. What is an “evidence-based” approach to marketing clinical products and why does it work for your clients?

“The evidenced-based approach we bring to our clients is one that was implemented early in my pharmaceutical career as a brand manager and later managing portfolios in biopharma and biotechnology. Since that time CLINDEVOR 360 formalized these processes and now integrate this approach into strategic planning for clients with clinically relevant products.

It is a commonly held belief that the best decision making is objectified by leveraging factual information and the most reliable data available for analysis and strategic assessment. CLINDEVOR’s evidence-based process captures this data, organizes it and then integrates it into informed insights, conclusions and strategic deliverables for our clients. We work with many companies that have a great deal of information but have not fully organized, analyzed and operationalized that data. We also have clients who have not engaged in quantitative analytics and we work with them to integrate and organize the best data their resource will allow, then ensure that this data is leveraged in a balanced way in the planning process.

One of our most enduring strategic analytic tools is the Realistic Clinical Profile® (RCP). This is a tool that anchors commercial and clinical planning. It is the foundation for brand positioning, strategic planning and implementation.

Evidence based strategic planning is not intended to eliminate qualitative decision making. Rather, the goal is to ensure that the critical aspects of planning are fortified with data, thorough vetted and capture the entire brand opportunity. It also delivers brand planning that is focused, balanced, and actionable for maximum market penetration.”

CLINDEVOR 360 was incorporated in 2003. What are the key elements to success and what does the future hold for C360?

“We are proud of our success as measured by our unique process, deliverables and its integration into client successes. I believe a key element of success is routine self-assessment. The capabilities we have in place today are a reflection of client surveys conducted every 24 to 36 months. Data in our own situation analysis suggests that clients want to develop their strategic direction based on objective evidence, thorough analysis and experienced interpretation. Our strategic deliverables reflect this model and is fortified with clinical expert insight and stakeholder refinement. These aspects of C360 planning form the enduring elements of our success.

The future of CLINDEVOR will definitely include the following three components:

I. The dedication to evidence-based strategic deliverables for our clients.
II. The fundamental belief that optimized positioning is a strategic guidepost to maximize market potential for both corporate citizens and patients.
III. The commitment to engage our clients and their brand with the same vigor we would bring if these brands were our own.

These are the three principles that have endured over time and it turns out they are even more valued now than when we began. Clinical marketing is in a constant state of evolution yet these basic principles endure. I am confident that our dedication to these critical axioms will form the basis of future success for C360.”

How do you engage new clients and how can C360 help clients with strategic challenges?

“The short answer is that new clients come to us when they feel that outside expertise is warranted or when pre-existing consulting has disappointed them. Often this will occur when they find themselves at a critical juncture with market evolution, product commercialization or competitive intrusion. The aforementioned capabilities, philosophies and methodologies are central to how we provide value to our customers. We do also, however, believe that an unfettered approach to new clients and brands is important to ensuring we escape our own biases. There are no perfect analogs in marketing so it’s important to approach each client with an understanding that their product, their market and their time-table are unique. Leveraging knowledge & insight gained from concentrated internal experts is irreplaceable and yet this practice warrants unbiased insights from outside consult. Engaging these two disciplines provides additive benefit that is reflected in the final product.

When a new client contacts us we listen carefully, understand their situation and provide a C360 capabilities overview Understanding the client’s specific circumstance, unique challenges, and critical requirements enables C360 to provide a proposal that is adapted to the client’s specific condition. There are no “cookie-cutter” approaches in our world.

It is not uncommon for new clients initiate work with C360 for launch plan or annual planning assistance before evolving to retained services. While some of our clients engage us serially for annual planning, life-cycle planning or otherwise, others retain C360 for ongoing strategic support with everything from clinical development to portfolio marketing plans.”

Once a project begins, is your work independent or do you involve the client during?

“We work directly with the client throughout the process. Our experience, philosophy and process has us poised to lead any of our strategic projects for the client and engage all stakeholders to ensure their visibility, involvement and ownership of the final product. It is not uncommon to integrate marketing, market research, business development, sales management, medical and clinical affairs and other disciplines as we develop a plan. We also can download information and work behind the scenes until a draft product is complete, then hold multidisciplinary evidence-based workshops to allow stakeholders to review, challenge and evolve the plans. The level of involvement is defined at client discretion. Regardless of the specific role we take on as consultants, at C360 our clients can always count on us as trusted advisors who augment internal client expertise with objective, data driven strategic processes.

Once we define the project and the process with our client, we will typically define the team and the critical components where client feedback is important. Ultimately this is where client integration is defined.”